John Packer Instrument Design

RIKI McDONNELL - Quality Instruments & Accessories / Music Ways LTD
Riki McDonnell entered the music industry in the early 70’s learning the repair & service craft of Brass/Woodwind instruments under the tutelage of Mr. Boden Brown (partner in Kirk Burnard & Brown Ltd). He established his own Repair Service Company before entering into music product distribution nation wide. Music Ways LTD was registered in July 1976. As a Brass Band enthusiast, Riki’s motivation and vision has always been to produce all instruments in the Brass Band range to a superior quality that is affordable. He has further enhanced access to those instruments by adding them to his nationwide rental fleet. Woodwind are also well catered for covering Concert Bands, Orchestras and all other Music Ensembles.

JOHN PACKER - John Packer Musical Instruments
John Packer started his woodwind and brass business nearly 40 years ago. During this time his company, John Packer LTD has achieved a reputation for expertise and customer service across the UK. John Packer was both muscian and trained repairer and oboe maker. He has used his skills in a design consultative role for a number of major instrument manufacturers including Yamaha, Boosey & Hawkes and Schreiber. John and his workshop manager, Gary Dickinson, have used their combined experience of nearly 70 years to create a multitude of features on the JP range of instruments. This process is ongoing with regular trips to the factory to work with the technicians actually on the production line.


DENIS WICK - Mutes, Mouthpieces & Accessories
We are delighted to welcome Denis Wick as the newest member of the JP design team. Denis has earned an international reputation as a trombonist, brass teacher, conductor and mouthpiece designer. His mouthpieces are renowned the world over and used by professional players from all aspects of the brass community. From his playing career holding the longest principal tenure at the London Symphony Orchestra to his professorships at both the Guildhall School and the Royal Academy of Music in London he is ideally positioned to assist in the continued development of these products and helping to ensure that the very best instruments are partnered with the very best mouthpieces.


MICHAEL RATH - Rath Trombones 
Michael Rath is someone for whom high standards are paramount and his involvement from concept to end product is the key to the success of our collaborations. In 1995 Mick started developing the first Rath trombone R1 dual bore .500" /.510" with the help of leading jazz player Mark Nightingale. These trombones went into production in 1996 followed a year later by the R4 .547" large bore. Both were greeted with great critical acclaim and Mick took his rightful place in the pantheon of world class trombone makers. The Rath range of trombones has expanded since then with various new models, including alto, tenor, bass and contra bass trombones. Michael Rath trombones are now highly respected and trusted by professional players of both classical and jazz music. Endorsees include Mark Nightingale, David Gibson, Bert Boeren, Marc Godfroid, Dennis Rollins, Michael Dease, Csaba Wagner, Brett Baker and Carol Jarvis. Mick’s involvement hasn’t just been at the design end of the process. He has also been working closely with the technicians on the production line at our factory to ensure that the JP/Rath trombones are made precisely and to his exacting standards.

PAUL RIGGETT - Sterling Musical Instruments
Paul Riggett, the founder of Sterling Musical Instruments, was previously Manufacturing Manager for Boosey & Hawkes Ltd. He handcrafts Sterling euphoniums, tenor horns and cornets from his small workshop in Bedford. His enormous experience and skill in the manufacture and design of professional brass instruments is acknowledged worldwide and is now at the heart of the JP/Sterling range of brass band instruments. Paul is also an accomplished instrumentalist. Sterling Musical Instruments has been manufacturing in the UK since 1987, producing brass instruments specifically aimed at the British style brass band. By employing ex-Boosey & Hawkes craftsmen and by producing high quality handmade instruments, the company rapidly established itself in the brass band market in the UK and across the globe.

Dr RICHARD SMITH - Smith Watkins
The Smith-Watkins name has always been synonymous with superior design, meticulous attention to detail and excellent quality. Dr Richard Smith worked for Boosey and Hawkes for many years as chief designer and technical manager responsible for the world famous Besson brass range. He designed several Besson Sovereign instruments, including the original trumpets used by trumpet virtuosi Derek Watkins and John Wallace, trombones for Roy Williams and Don Lusher, and the cornets used by most brass and military bands. Dr Smith’s research into acoustics, testing and development of brass instruments has been widely publicised in scientific literature and on TV and radio. He is acknowledged as a world leader in this specialist field. All this experience has been utilised in designing vital elements of our range of cornets and trumpets which have become a phenomenon amongst amateurs, professionals and teachers.